Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Small Effort

        I will not emphasize the importance of being an environmentalist these days. I am not suggesting you make a career out of it but rather I will implore you to consider it as a small hobby. A small effort is what it takes; be it to clear your study table or to save the planet. What do I possibly mean by this ‘small effort’ you may wonder. I will elaborate on some few tips:

1.       Wrappers: Wrappers become trash that is an eventuality. Where one trashes it, is what one must keep in mind. Solution is to store it in your pocket till you reach a dust bin. A chewing gum you want to spit out can go inside that wrapper or a used bus ticket.

2.       Littering:  A simple fact is what stays beautiful usually remains beautiful because most of us humans enjoy cleanliness. Most of us will think twice about littering a beautiful garden or a clean street. But on the other hand would you think twice if the street was already littered? What I am getting at is, one would not feel guilty about dirtying a dirty place. So next time think about the sin of being the first litterer. It is possible others will follow your lead and the next day it becomes a dump.
I usually go on treks just to be in close proximity of (the remaining) nature. And whenever I come across plastic bottles and packets, I wish for lightning to befall their past owners. So you better not be one of them.

3.       Bus: There is nothing that will save more fuel than public transport. Opt for busses over auto rickshaws whenever feasible.

4.       Car pooling: Mostly for office goers. I just hate seeing big cars that pile up in a jam with just a single occupant.

5.       Vehicles: Travel economically. Switch of engine when waiting for the signal to change. Service every year. And mostly about those scooter and tempo owners who add kerosene into fuel...Please don’t..no one wants to smell the thick smoke that exits from your exhaust.

6.       Electricity & Water: There is one advertisement, wherein there is an animated child who is brushing his teeth with the water on. A child lets the light/fan on.
Well to add to that, turn off the monitor when you are away. Switch of the TV and to do even- better stop watching brain-dead shows.

7.       Shopping: ‘Carry a bag of your own’, it is not that difficult and inconvenient as it may sound! Don’t allow vegetable owners to pack your purchase in polyethene bags, hand them the one you brought along with you. Advice them to stop usage of such plastic bags. I just felt reminding that plastic takes 1000 years to disintegrate.

8.       Plant: There are people who walk into tropical jungles and chain themselves to trees. To fight deforestation. I have plants outside my window. Just the simple act of watering and nurturing helps me appreciate greenery.

9.       Wastage: Reuse Reduce Recycle.

10.   The Will: The ‘Will’ is the only thing you need to make the right choice.  
There may be some points,that I may have left out..There maybe other such tips you may follow in your routine. But remember, all our little efforts will add to do a bit for the world. I implore you to come ahead and share your ideas.

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